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For any educational institution their greatest ambassadors lie in their alumni. SSCMS is proud of its alumni from every year of its decade of existence. Here is SSCMS in the words of its alumni.

Pooja Vashisht
Chief Copy Editor and Head of HT CITY editions
Hindustan Times Chandigarh, (Chandigarh and Punjab)
Alumni Batch: 2001-02

"Even after a decade, the 10-month rigorous and incisive module at SSCMS continues to have an impact on me. I particularly admire the vision of our teachers who led the first batch and made not just journalists out of students but also poets, writers and thinking people interested in human stories. The syllabus put together by extremely competent faculty covered everything that, I feel even today, is like field notes. Both the creative writing classes and the grilling reporting sessions that we had with our teachers reflect in our work. It was at SSCMS that many of us learnt the worth of words and the ethics that are bedrock of this profession. In my own little way, I am trying to carry forward the values imbibed at SSCMS. I wish all the very best to SSCMS and its students. "

Nina Susan Benjamin
Sr Sub editor/ Reporter
Deccan Herald Bangalore
Alumni Batch: 2001-02

"SSCMS gave me a grounding in journalism. The faculty did well to teach us what was called ethical journalism and that's what we carry on forward even till today. "

Avishek Roy
Senior Sports Correspondent
Indo-Asian News Service
Alumni Batch: 2002-03

"SSCMS has been of big help for me and prepared me for my career as a journalist. I enrolled in the institute in its second year (2002-03) and the experience was enriching. The course was practically oriented to suit the demands of the profession. I can say for sure that there are still times when I draw from the knowledge I gained in SSCMS."

Pawanpreet Singh Saluja
Senior Sub-Editor
United News of India, Bhopal
Alumni Batch: 2002-03

"After SSCMS initial few months I worked as a free-lancer with the Times of India, where I learnt the ropes of journalism. Subsequently, I landed up with a sub-editing job in United News of India where I have been working since 2004. I was recently promoted as Senior Sub-Editor. Studying at SSCMS was definitely a positive experience. I gained valuable hands-on experience and met some wonderful people."

Rakesh Kumar Jha
Senior Producer
CNN-IBN, New Delhi
Alumni Batch: 2003-04

"SSCMS did make me ready to fit in the professional world of media. Honestly, journalism is a challenging field without short cuts, and SSCMS did help me get ready for this. I believe you have to love and understand the job to hang around for a longtime. Many thanks to all the faculties who made us the kind of People & Journalist's that we are. SSCMS has an excellent course design & good infra-structure."

Megha Mamgain
Senior Producer/Anchor
CNN-IBN, New Delhi
Alumni Batch: 2003-04

"I passed out of SSCMS in 2004. After more than 6 years of working in news channels and production houses, I can without doubt say that the ability to deliver my best at each story, to stay focused, and keep my calm and individuality under work and peer pressure, is something that I learnt at SSCMS. I believe, that it was at SSCMS that I developed the skill and the confidence that made me stand out in every organization that I worked in. SSCMS, my alma mater in journalism, was where I learnt the nuances of the field. A great faculty, sound infrastructure and a course that helps give students actual hands on experience, is what gives them an edge over other students when they enter the job market. And what makes SSCMS different from other journalism schools is its holistic approach. It made me sensitive, observational, patient and intuitive, qualities that are rare and valued."

Shruthi Balakrishna
Freelance Journalist for Deccan herald and Times of India
Free Lance, Bangalore
Alumni Batch: 2003-04

"After I left SSCMS I started my career as a business correspondent for a bi monthly magazine called "POP TODAY" after a year i moved to mainstream journalism working in leading newspapers--The New Indian Express, Deccan Herald and The Times of India. In all these papers I worked as an Education correspondent. I was awarded the young and aspirant journalist when i was working for Times of India. I quit the mainstream journalism to take up Freelancing. In SSCMS i got an opportunity to explore both print and broadcast journalism. Thanks to constant support from my faculty, my career graph soared. Besides, I also made some wonderful friends during my one-year course at SSCMS. I wish SSCMS all the very best."

S Praveen Dhaneshkar
Senior Reporter
The New Indian Express, Bangalore
Alumni Batch: 2003-04

"Hats off to SSCMS for completion of ten years of training wannabe journalists. Equipped with good facilities and experienced faculty SSCMS has emerged as one among the top journalism schools in the country. SSCMS gave me a platform to express my creativity and taught me the basics of journalism, while at the same time gave an exposure to hard core professionalism required of a journalist. Having come a long way, since I graduated in 2004, I wish SSCMS all the best for years to come."

Shwetal Rai
Corporate Communications Consultant
Microsoft Corporation (India), Hyderabad
Previous jobs: CNN-IBN - Senior Correspondent & Deccan Herald - Features Reporter
Alumni Batch: 2004-05

"After having worked in various organizations, when I look back today, I feel the biggest take-away I have had from Sri Sri Center for Media Studies are the ability to steer clear of negative/ yellow journalism, give every news story a different perspective, to be focused and level headed and most importantly the confidence to step into any media domain and succeed. In spite of many media collages available across the country, SSCMS would always be my first choice and recommendation as being a media school with a difference. An institute where not only journalists but strong individuals with a passion to change the way the world views events are created. "

Madhuri Kalyan
Feature Writer/Sub Editor
Metrolife, Deccan Herald, Bangalore
Alumni Batch: 2005-06

"I joined SSCMS, as soon as I completed my under-graduation in arts, I always wanted to be a journalist, but never knew if I had the required skill sets or even the confidence to be one. But one year at SSCMS, and I was ready for a high flying career as a journalist. As a student of SSCMS, the faculty and management gave me utmost support to venture out on my own and practice being a journalist, during which course, I freelanced with ‘The Hindu’ Education plus. One of my best experiences was getting the opportunity to be the editor of ‘Dateline Bangalore’, the SSCMS lab -journal, where my editorial skills were honed. We had faculty and guest faculty from the biggest media houses in Bangalore and the world, including CNN, NDTV, The Hindu who shared with us insights on life as a journalists and Journalism as a career. By the time I graduated from SSCMS, I had made documentary films, edited lab journals and freelanced with national dailies. All this combined with the emphasis on constructive journalism, and the practice of spiritual techniques like Sudarshan Kriya, taught as a part of the course, I evolved as a professional of strength and character. The huge pool of alumni network and faculty who are industry leaders made it easy for me to get placed in a great job. I now work as a feature writer/sub-editor at Deccan Herald, and have interviewed some of the biggest names in the country and worked on top stories, and I attribute it all to my one year at SSCMS which was the foundation on which I built a successful career."

Trushna Udgirkar
Trainee Journalist
The Economic Times, Hyderabad
Alumni Batch: 2007-08

"At a post graduate level it is necessary to make a choice between theory and what could be termed as hands on training. It may be tough for many students opting for journalism to find an institution that provides the right mix. SSCMS is one such institute that instigates learning beyond the classroom. It has taught me that this profession is not just being a Barkha Dutt or a Rajdeep Sardesai but provided an insight into almost all aspects of various media organisation. As part of the training I got to understand how a media organisation works, be it a newspaper, a news channel or even being a public relations officer. This insight was useful to set the right attitude before entering the field. The faculties, who have niched the art of being journalists backed by the vast experience, gave me a glance of how tough my bosses could be! A journalist has to work on self instigation. Not just this but the field is unique because of the cut throat competition and the ability to perform on a daily basis. Dateline Bangalore (the in-house journal of and by students), mock news bulletins and documentary making exercises opened my gateway to the world of Journalism."

Freelance photographer, New Delhi
Alumni Batch: 2007-08

"SSCMS was new atmosphere when I joined but with a professional feeling to it was an altogether a life changing one. New friends, who now are my best friends, was a sure icing on cake. But about the college, on its own, the education was good, faculty the best in industry. Totally a good one."

Late Krishna TK
Senior Assistant Producer
Bloomberg UTV
Alumni Batch: 2007-08

"What can I say, its been over 2 1/2 years since I left SSCMS, Back then life was different. Assignments, deadlines, long days at college and the exams took up most of our time. Now looking back it was great to be a part of SSCMS. I still have fond memories of the college, which will remain to be one great part of my life. The faculty and management were superb, and most importantly all my happiness would not be complete without my college mates."

Sakshi Batra
Times Now, Delhi.
"I always wanted to be a journalist because I wanted the power which comes it. I could not bear to see the corruption in the world today and wanted to make a difference by being a journalist. With power comes responsibility and responsibility with power both going hand in hand. In today's responsible journalism is missing. SSCMS taught me how to be a responsible journalist in addition to the principles of journalism. With all I have learnt in SSCMS today I'm able to analyse and bring out news which really matter to people. I have learnt from SSCMS the most important professional lesson that media's first loyalty is to citizens and journalism's first obligation is to truth."

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