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  1.1   Students shall endeavor to conduct themselves in a manner worthy of the Institution.
1.2   Those who are guilty of serious misconduct or whose presence is detrimental to the order and discipline of the Institution are liable to be expelled.
1.3   Students shall take steps to safeguard the institution’s property preventing from damage, abuse or misuse by self or others. Any damage so occurred will be recovered from the concerned students.
1.4  Students shall keep every location on the campus and its surrounds, clean and tidy.
1.5   Respect towards and obedience to the faculty and other staff is compulsory.
1.6 Any Act of arrogance or disrespect or willful disobedience will warrant disciplinary action including summary cancellation of Studentship and expulsion from the Institution.
1.7Consumption of tobacco products, liquor, substance abuse of any kind and smoking is considered a very serious offense and violation the same would invite summary dismissal from the Institution. This rule applies to the students at all times when they are on the campus or off-campus on academic assignments.
1.8   Students are strictly barred from advocating on behalf of any one else or raise a grievance in groups, on any issues whatsoever.
1.9  An effective grievance redress mechanism is in operation wherein any individual can directly approach the management through the Students Coordinator on any reasonable issues.
1.10   Escalation of any issues to higher Management levels without exhausting option of sorting the same with student coordinator, shall be deemed an act of indiscipline
1.11   Tendency to unionize shall be deemed a very serious act of indiscipline and may warrant summary expulsion of the student from the Institution.
1.12   It is advised to give individual representation on any grievance in writing to the Student Coordinator.

  2.1    Fees once paid shall not be refunded, transferred under any circumstances.
2.2    Refunds requests for discontinuing the program for whatever reasons shall not be entertained. (Discontinuation can be voluntary discontinuation or due to expulsion from the Institution for disciplinary reasons)
2.3   Fees shall be paid as per schedules announced. Failure of payment of fee on time may lead to withdrawal of facility for which fees are being paid without any notice.
2.4    Facility withdrawn due to reasons stated above will be restored only the sole discretion of the management even after the fees is remitted.

3  Identity Card
  3.1   Students shall wear and display their Identity Card on their person in a visible manner, whenever they are on the campus.
3.2    Student shall wear the Identity card as above, whenever they are out on outdoor assignments or inter-college events or any such program while representing the Institution.
3.3    Students found violating the above shall be penalized Rs. 50/- for each violation. Repeated violation may warrant serious disciplinary action including summary rescission of studentship and expulsion from the Institution.
3.4    Student shall promptly notify the Institution in writing if their identity card is lost or misplaced. A replacement card would be issued by the management on payment of penal fee of Rs. 200/-.
3.5   Student shall not be permitted to appear for their examinations under any circumstances, without prominently displaying the identity card on their person.

  4.1   It is essential for all students to respect the rights of all others in the class to have a stable and comfortable learning environment. Troublesome behavior disrupts the learning atmosphere and shall not be tolerated under any circumstances.
4.2    Few examples of the troublesome behavior (not limited to the following):
4.2.1    Cellular phones ringing and beepers
4.2.2    Challenges to authority
4.2.3    Demanding special treatment
4.2.4    I paid for this... mentality>
4.2.5    Eating or drinking in the classroom
4.2.6    Excessive tardiness
4.2.7    Leaving the class early
4.2.8    Making offensive remarks
4.2.9   Missing deadlines
4.2.10    Prolonged chattering
4.2.11   Reading newspapers during class
4.2.12    Sleeping
4.2.13    Talking out of turn
4.2.14    Arriving late to class
4.2.15    Dominating discussions
4.2.16    Shuffling backpacks and notebooks
4.2.17    Overt inattentiveness
4.2.18    Chewing gum or other substances
4.3  When the teachers enter the classroom, the students must rise and greet the teacher and stand until they are directed to sit or till the teacher takes his/her seat.
4.4   Students shall ensure that the furniture and fixtures in the classroom are maintained in an orderly fashion at all times and more specifically when leaving the location every time
4.5   Students shall not deface or defile any property of the Institution.
4.6   Any damage to the Institution property should be brought to the notice of the management immediately.
4.7   All the lights, A/C and fans in the classroom shall be switched off when not in use
4.8   Other electronic equipments like Mike, Projector, Camera etc taken for classroom use should be promptly returned after the session.

  5.1  The syllabus and curriculum of the Institution is dynamically decided based on the requirement of the industry and is continuously modified and improved moment to moment. The syllabus provided is broad-based and only indicative and should not be deemed to be a rigid framework governing the academic program.
5.2   A tentative syllabus will be given to the student at the start of every term, even that may change depending on the dynamism of the industry.
5.3   The project work and assignment given to the students shall be completed in stipulated time. The same forms a part of the internal assessment system which determines the overall performance as explained earlier in the Students Hand Book.
5.4   The students shall bear all the expenses whatsoever, related to the project work and assignments given. (Like taking printouts, photocopy, papers, conveyance expenses etc.)
5.5   The assignments and the project work carry significant weightage in determination of overall performance.
5.6   The students shall execute project on all the subjects as instructed by the faculty.
5.7   The students are expected to bring their own media (e.g. cassettes, DV tapes, CDs, Floppy, Flash disk, DVD or any storage media) for the documentary film.
5.8   Bringing out Lab Journal on time and periodically is compulsory.

  6.1  There shall be written exams apart from continuous assessment process, details of which is mentioned in this Students Hand Book. Appearance in all the exams, tests and other evaluation processes are compulsory and forms an important part in determining the overall performance and award of certificate.
6.2   In the unlikelihood event of any unforeseen circumstances, any student is not able to write the exam or other assignments, they shall justify the same to the satisfaction of the committee headed by the Student coordinator, furnish certificates and specifically make a written request endorsed by the parents/guardian.
6.3   At the sole discretion of this committee, a supplementary examination may be conducted for which a separate fee shall be paid which would be indicated along with the decision. Decision of the committee shall be binding and non-negotiable.
6.4   Aggregate marks of the course are dependent on the curriculum and academic program delivered during the course.
6.5   Students are Graded based on the weighted marks scored as follows: (Calculation of the weighted score is explained later in this prospectus)


80% and above








Less than 50%

6.6  To clear the failed subjects, Students can appear in the supplementary examination by paying the prescribed fee.
6.7   Supplementary examinations are conducted only once and students failing the subject will not be eligible for award of certificate.

  It is the Institution’s endeavor to create a thorough professional out of every student enrolling for the program, in the limited time available. With this in view, Institution has very strict policies and norms on matters concerning leave of absence and attendance. We follow a no-holiday work culture generally and there are no vacations during the entire academic program. Seeking leave of absence for reasons like festivals, pooja, worship, marriages of relations, or any such occasions which in management’s view doesn’t warrant direct student presence is strictly discouraged and disallowed. Absence for such reasons shall result in loss of attendance and rules governing attendance shortage shall apply. At this stage, the management would like to emphasize here that the Institution believes in promotion of spiritual and human values as against religious practices or rituals.
7.1   Student shall have 85% attendance per subject at the end of every term and academic session to become eligible to appear for examinations.
7.2    Those having less than 85 % and up to 80 % shall pay a prescribed penal fine per subject for every percentage below 85%.
7.3   Students with less than 80% attendance shall not be eligible for writing exams and thus ineligible for award of certificate.  Such students will have to redo the entire program as a new admission including payment of all the prescribed fees prevailing at that time. No concession whatsoever academic or financial will be allowed.
7.4   Any concession in this attendance stipulation rests exclusively at the discretion of the management which again is broadly limited to absence due to sickness which shall be certified by a registered medical practitioner identified by the Institution.
7.5   Attendance is marked every session.
7.6    Students are expected to be in the classroom five minutes ahead of every session.
7.7   Student shall not be given attendance if they are late beyond 10 minutes.
7.8    Every leave of absence shall be officially sanctioned failing which it would be considered unauthorized absence.
7.9   Absence for more than 3 days without prior sanction will be deemed as renunciation of studentship and studentship will be canceled.
7.10    Permission to travel out of station shall be granted only with parents /guardians written permission submitted to the administration, failing which, severe disciplinary action will be taken against the student.
7.11    When ever the Executive Director wishes to address the students 100% attendance is mandatory.
7.12   100% Attendence is mandatory for all the guest sessions organized by the institute.

  8.1  Library shall remain open for issue of books during the time announced by the Management from time to time.
8.2    Students are expected to make use of the library during the free periods.
8.3    Reading Newspapers and Periodicals is  mandatory on the part of every student.
8.4    Students shall be issued maximum of two books at a time. The books have to be returned within a two weeks otherwise a late fee of Re 1/- per book per day shall be levied.
8.5    Any loss or damage to any book issued to the students shall have to be replaced to the library. If the book is out of print Rs. 1000/- shall be charged as fine.
8.6    Studio facilities have to be booked in advance with the studio in charge. Written permission is necessary to take any equipment out of the campus.
8.7    Any loss or damage to the equipment shall be charged against the students in whose name the equipment is issued depending on the cost of the equipment.
8.8    Any project or assignment where in the studio or studio equipments are needed should be planned in advance and the details should be submitted to the Student Coordinator in writing at least 24 hours before the requirement.
8.9    Direct hiring of equipments or personnel by the students without prior written sanction from the Management is disallowed.
8.10   Violation of this norm is considered an act of indiscipline warranting suitable actions are decided by the Management. In any case, any expenses, hiring charges or professional fees will not be reimbursed by the Institution.

  9.1   Television with cable connection and DVD Player is made available to students. They can utilize the facility during free time.
9.2   Television and DVD should not be used for illegal or unauthorized viewing.
9.3   All the lights, fans and Air conditioners should be switched off when not required.

  10.1   Personality and Self-development programs are compulsory for all the students. This includes Yoga, Pranayam and other related programs as decided by the Institution.
10.2    Student participation in any event organized by the Institution is mandatory.
10.3    Participating in inter-college events is mandatory.
10.4    Decision of management in selection of Institution’s representatives to any event shall be final and non-negotiable.

  11.1   Dateline, a lab journal shall be brought out with periodicity as determined by the management at the beginning of the academic program which is subject to change from time to time.
11.2    Every student shall contribute and ensure that Dateline Bangalore is published as per the deadline.
11.3    The students shall bear any cost incurred on any account whatsoever for Dateline, Bangalore and no expenses incurred are reimbursable by the institution.
11.4   It is compulsory for all the students to participate wholeheartedly in the capacity assigned to them in meeting the deadline.
11.5    As mentioned elsewhere in the code of conduct contribution for the DATELINE is evaluated and impacts the overall performance of the student in determining the eligibility for award of certificate.

  12.1   Students shall be divided in teams for the documentary film by the faculty.
12.2   Participation of all the students is compulsory. Marks are allotted for the film as per the participation and team work done in addition to the quality of work done.
12.3    All the students are also supposed to make a film of one to two minutes individually for which also marks are allotted.
12.4   Apart from the above the students are supposed to shoot and edit news which covers news production, editing anchoring etc. in team allotted by the faculty. The same carries marks that determine overall performance score.
12.5    Students shall work in teams as assigned and shall not make attempts to state any preferences or choices of team mates. It is the intention of the Institution that the students are able to work and take any person together as a team.
12.6   All shooting will happen within the city limits, no permission is given to the students for outstation stay.
12.7    Students should make a 3 minute film on the institute.
12.8    The students are expected to bring their own media (e.g. cassettes, DV tapes, CDs, Floppy, Flash disk, DVD or any storage media) for the documentary film and expected to meet their own travel expenses.
12.9    Direct hiring of equipments or personnel by the students without prior written sanction from the Management is disallowed. Violation of this norm is considered an act of indiscipline warranting suitable actions are decided by the Management. In any case, any expenses, hiring charges or professional fees will not be reimbursed by the Institution.

  13.1   The Institution arranges one month internship for the students, which is compulsory.
13.2   The placement of the internship rests with the management based on the aptitude, overall and academic performance of the students and the goodwill points earned.
13.3    The decision of the management with regard to assigning internship organization is final, binding and non-negotiable.

  14.1   The Institution will assist the students for placement.
14.2    The decision of the management with regard to assigning placement interviews and the organization is final, binding and non-negotiable. It shall be based on the overall performance of the student and aptitude.
14.3    The Institution does not take responsibility of placements for those students whose academic performance is very poor though opportunity would be made available.
14.4    The students are allowed to take up placements only after the final exam.

  15.1   Usage of mobile phones is strictly barred on the campus especially during academic activities.
15.2    Mobile phones shall remain switched off, during class hours, computer lab sessions, Studios and Examination.
15.3    In other circumstances, Mobile phones can be used ensuring that no one else is disturbed by the act.
15.4    Any student found violating this regulation shall be liable to be penalized by a fine of Rs100/- on each occasion..
15.5    Repeated violation may lead to more serious disciplinary action including confiscation of the instrument and even rescission of the Studentship and expulsion from the Institution.

16  Office Hours
  16.1   For any non-emergent enquiry/clarifications, students can meet the administration staff only between 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm..
16.2   Parents can meet faculty after seeking a written confirmation of appointment from the Institution.
16.3    Parents can also meet the administrative staff on Saturdays between 10.00 am to 11.00 am.
16.4    No student or parents are allowed to meet the staff or visit the office outside the time mentioned above.

17  Others
  17.1    While the Institution does not impose any dress code for the students, students are expected to dress formally and as per socially acceptable norms.
17.2    A term report comprising the academic progress, general behavior and other matters of the students shall be forwarded to the parents by the Institution.
17.3    A letter from the parent / guardian along with the specimen signature, telephone number and address for correspondence should be submitted to the administration department of the Institution.
17.4    Any irregularities in academic progress, general behavior and other matters of the students shall be forwarded to the parents by the Institution it can be a telephone call or a letter of warning.

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