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Dateline Bangalore’s (referred to as DB henceforth)  primary purpose is to serve as a means for students of SSCMS to create a hands-on authentic product while learning fundamental journalism skills like reporting, writing, editing, layout and design, DTP, Sales and Budget Management, Photography, advertisement and Public Relations.  
The students of SSCMS determine the contents of DB in consultation with the Advisory Panel and consistent to policy guidelines.  Composition of the Editorial Board is drawn from amongst the students.  Every student gets to assume and fulfil responsibilities in the Editorial Board at least once during the academic program. In order that the students get a feel of revenue generation in newspaper business management, students are expected to identify advertisers or sponsors for publication of the DB in line with ethical responsibilities of the DB. This revenue is not for meeting any kind of expense related to publishing of DB.  Copies of the DB are normally distributed to various media houses, corporates, colleges, libraries, general public places like cafes, malls, shopping complexes, supermarkets and other places that are of relevance.

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