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Vinod Menon
Executive Director

In recent years the perception of the media industry has undergone a change in the minds of the public.  Today media is entertainment, reality shows, social opinion building, documentaries and research, education and  also the "News". New media print, electronic and on line media, and other types of information and communication methods demand versatility of  domain expertise   in the media profession.

We at the Sri Sri Centre for Media Studies (SSCMS) have reinvented the very design for "media education". We were pushed to cope with the dynamism of change in the requirements of the media industry. We felt the need  to  upgrade and update our learning systems and processes. We insist that our trainers and faculty be best in class professionals who are  currently relevant and deeply involved in the  media industry. The result of this new design has made a great impact on the graduates coming out of our institute. It has resulted in our students  getting an immediate practical influence into the industry in addition to the necessary professional competencies. SSCMS has strived and achieved the status of an institute that eliminates the gap between your capabilities & skills as students  and that of the corresponding requirements in the media industry. I make a distinction between graduation and education. You can graduate from any college of journalism by completing the stipulated course within a specific time frame. But at SSCMS we give a significant focus to educate and train you to become a successful professional with your skills having an immediate relevance in the media industry.

A little more is expected from you as our students. In addition to writing, reporting and other traditional skills that are imparted, at SSCMS there is an emphasis to make you curious and make you ask the right questions
The foundations lie in your quest and our questions:

  • Can you ask the correct questions?
  • Do your eyes wander too much that you are unable to spot a specific point in the story that nobody else could see?

This approach of simultaneously staying focussed and yet keep looking gives you a larger repertoire of competencies required in the industry. Such a practise to be imparted  in education and training can only come through a deviation from conventional methods of teaching and learning  to new fresh and invigorating processes.  At SSCMS we not only explore these possibilities but have incorporated such methods and processes into the curriculum and syllabus.

To retain the competitive advantage in your new career there can be no compromise in the required  technological expertise.  For your benefit  we expose you  360 degree into the realm of cutting edge technology and the use of both hardware and software tools. There has to be precision and speed in capturing events and situations into words.  Our faculty has acquired expert status by working in specific domains for many years. They boldly insist that their technical knowledge be conveyed to students as an experience and not only as concept. We are convinced that academic excellence cannot be achieved without intense hands on training in technology. Optimum exposure and working with the latest recording and editing hardware and relevant gadgets will give you the required technical expertise and confidence. As a student you  will have opportunities to practice your skills  during  internships at prominent media companies. As management of SSCMS we make quick decisions when it comes to investments in the latest equipments that are in the forefront of the media  industry. Your expertise as  students to work with complex software tools and their precise applications will be tested. Your dexterity in using the electronic and other transmitting tools is a criterion of academic excellence at SSCMS. You will have industry visits to engage with the print machinery for press and other print media.

I must confess that as SSCMS students you cannot escape the physical, intellectual and emotional rigors required in practically shaping a media professional. The assignments at SSCMS is often adventurous and sometimes stressful. As a student you will get access to soft skills courses and also training in proper breathing and meditation techniques so that you can feel relaxed, rejuvenated and restful.

We understand that as post graduate students, your curiosity may not be limited to our institution. That is why we at SSCMS are active in organising conferences and seminars to involving students from other media colleges. Such interactive programmes have added tremendous value in the past whereby our students network and exchange thoughts and ideas with their counter parts and peers from other institutions.

Every student is unique and therefore needs specialised care. Our selective ratio of intake is in proportion to attention from faculty. So no student is left out from effective participation. We retain the location of the institution in the bustling town of Jayanagar in Bangalore. Quick access to all city amenities allow you to continue your choice, taste and preferred life styles. Moreover being located in a vibrant and virulent city, enables a quick reach to events and situations that are worthy of reporting and camera assignments.

Though a career can be monetised, the nobler objectives such as enrolling in social progress must not be omitted. The individual progress, and maturity as a person useful to society and moral values should not be ignored. Our commitment to ethics and social values must get its deserved importance. In SSCMS we are responsible to make progressive values and social harmony actionable within an academic year. To this noble approach, SSCMS has a unique advantage to its parentage with the Art of Living which is one of the most successful non profit and charitable organisation in the world.

The assessment at SSCMS takes into consideration the star performers in every batch. Individual performance recognised and given its due credit. The students compete among each other in various subjects for the coveted credit and awards.

The Indian media is an industry that is not only in its infancy, but also evolving fast. The industry has very diverse characteristics and features. It is often not easy to cope with the challenges and demands from such an industry. As journalists and correspondents you must endure to perform under pressures of deadlines and the pace of evolution.

As candidates who wish to enter such an industry you must equip yourself with the significant domain expertise and other relevant skills, wherein you are at your competitive best . Your professionalism and pace should be based on events not routines, for as a journalist you are expected to deliver precise and accurate information in real time. Your curiosity, interest, expertise and risk appetite can take you to the truth. Those who express honestly seldom attempt, yet never fail to impress.

I whole heartedly welcome you to this industry and a dynamic new career. When you apply to SSCMS, you are part of a group and trend preferring the quality of innovation over the comfort of affiliations.

Vinod Menon
Executive Director

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