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SSCMS is located at in the heart of the garden city of Bangalore.  Bangalore with its highly multi-cultural and multi-ethnic population is an excellent breeding ground for the future journalists being groomed at SSCMS.  The  location of the institute being at the city centre is a significant advantage to the students for field work, assignments, internships and industry networking.   Being in the city also gives students plenty of opportunities to visit the legislature, the city hall and other prominent 'newsy' places in Bangalore on a regular basis as part of their daily assignments.

Media is instrumental in shaping the society and plays an integral role in forming the society’s opinion. The philosophy of the institute makes it paramount to equip each student with theoretical real practical know how in addition to the theory.  SSCMS considers being part of the fourth estate as not just a privilege,  but as a huge responsibility  to be taken very seriously.
SSCMS facilitates its students with the high end technology and equipments that are used by media professionals all over India.  SSCMS facilities feature large classrooms, conference rooms,  a computer news lab , a state of the art digital studio and a comprehensive library.

Computer News Lab
Technology has revolutionized the media industry and SSCMS has kept pace with these developments. While offering its students with some of the finest teaching staff in the country, SSCMS also equips each student with a personal computer and Wi-Fi facility within the campus.
The Computer New Lab will be the quite abode where the SSCMS students will be spending most of their time preparing for the following:

  • Assignments
  • Research
  • Bringing out Newspaper- Monthly tabloid -Dateline Bangalore
  •  Journalistic Practice 
  • Workshop Presentations
  •  Online Journal (Web Journalism)

Each student will have a workstation to learn and update themselves with key software packages that will be utilized in their professional career. The students will also get one on one time with professional instructors as and when required. The lab is open on working days between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM.

Digital Studio
Digitization has encapsulated every aspect of media in its entirety.  To meet this context SSCMS provide students with a complete grasp of all the video and print editing software. Along with providing the finest and extremely sophisticated cameras for shooting, SSCMS students become adept at post production too through a state of the art Digital Studio with technical subject matter experts from the industry mentoring students one-to-one on:

  • Documentary Film Making
  • Camera Operations
  • Video Editing
  • Voice Modulation
  • Audio Mixer
  • Production
  • Post production techniques
  • News Anchoring

Students are provided with a digital video camera for outdoor assignments  to shoot events for news and documentary production.

SSCMS has a comprehensive library that keep books on journalism, history and on a huge range of subjects by authors and scholars from around the world. SSCMS also subscribes to a significant number of dailies, journals and magazines. Students are required to spend at least two hours in the library each day.

SSCMS provide best in class facilities & equipment for training students to be best of breed journalists. This in conjunction with its locational advantage of being near the news and the industry provide the ideal mix of environment & training for an aspiring journalist.   

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