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on her experience in International Media
Beatriz, a well known foreign journalist and correspondent spent her priceless time with the students , sharing her experiences. She emphasized the importance of extensive research and its rendering of quality results. There were discussions on dealing with people, interviewing and soft skills required.

Anand Krishna
on Role of Public Affairs in US Mission
Mr. Anand Krishna, Information Officer, US Consulate General, Chennai, visited SSCMS to address and interact with the students on the Role of Public Affairs in US Mission.

K.S Manjunath
Theater Workshop
K.S Manjunath an experienced theatre artist and trainer spent his quality time in sharing his valuable knowledge of theatre art with the SSCMS students. The students played various games from which they derived the knowledge of working as a team and focusing on the present moment. Manjunath made the students practice on how to get into the character by doing different expressions on command. Students were made to team up into two groups and given a situation each and had to enact a still portrait picture. The session ended with the students performing an act with just 5 mins to prepare.

Pushkar Dharap
on the importance of Short Film Making
Pushkar Dharap, a corporate film maker in Pune threw light on the importance of short film making. He explained The “Why” and the How of this art. He called dreams as wonderful plots in making a story for a film and suggested that students write down and share their dreams in a very creative and presentable way among friends every week.

on work environment
Mr. Sridhar, the City Editor of Bangalore Mirror introduced the students to the work environment in a media company. Class was divided in half and an imaginary product was given common to both the groups and each had to make an advertisement and perform it instantly. Through the sessions the students learnt about disagreements and difference of opinions that happen in typical work place and how to work through it. In the second session with him students learnt to search news out of any scrap of information. They learnt to look at the different dimension within that one piece of information. The process of getting information, finding out different stories out of it and prioritizing them had to be done in a short period of five minutes and another ten minutes to present a bulletin.

on News Gathering & Source Making
Mr. Srinivas, the ex Bangalore Mirror Editor boosted the students enthusiasm by sharing his own experience in political reporting. He made them aware of the importance of dedication and commitment and how that would eventually give an edge. He illustrated with personal examples. He also emphasised on research work. The students learnt from him that a journalist should have a fair idea of a myriad of subjects and spheres language also playing a vital role. He emphasized the importance of knowing the local language of the place he or she is stationed.

Pradeep Chanda
on AD Film Making
Mr. Pradeep Chanda, the famous Manikchand ad maker showed us an entirely new perspective of looking towards our way or methdology of working in the media industry. He told that selling of lies in media must be stopped and we must learn and start selling truth. Spirituality in any piece of work makes it immortal, gives better satisfaction to the creater and shows wider horizon to the audience. He talked on Convergence of media, which is the first step in selling truth in media.

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