Journalists just don’t write. They choose a subject, or, an area of inquiry, gather information, thoroughly study and analyse it, and then present it as accurate, clear, simple and interesting as possible through newspapers, radio, television and the so-called new media, involving online journals.

“Be fair,” “be objective,” “be truthful,” are but some of the constant refrains journalists hear from peers as well as critics every day. Come to think of it, this notion of being ‘objective’; and ‘fair’ is really something very subjective, isn’t it? It depends on one’s education, experience, and commitment to the craft of journalism. And, herein lies one of the sweetest ironies of this great craft that has contributed so richly over the years to make this world of ours a better place to live in.

Our society and world are very complex today. Being a well-respected journalist is not just that easy. One has to have the depth, commitment, objectivity and determination to be a good journalist today, respected by a vast array of people with different interests and backgrounds. It is more than a balancing act. But ultimately a journalist’s reputation depends on his/her level of education, knowledge and life’s experience. And, the commitment to uphold truth, goodness, beauty and basic human values.

This is where a value-based journalism school can make all the difference. It can groom a raw graduate into a professional journalist with commitment, passion, and sensitivity.

Poojya Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, spiritual leader and the Art of Living founder, is the inspiration behind this media school. It was established in 2001 under the Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir Trust that oversees nearly 100 educational schools and colleges across India.

The Sri Sri Centre for Media Studies’ mandate is to train caring, compassionate and constructive media professionals who will be a reliable information resource for the people in a democracy.

The people are more educated, informed and analytical today. They want to know the ‘why’; and the ‘how’; behind the news. They want to know ‘like it is.’ And, they want to know it all NOW. They want constructive journalists grounded in basic values and professional skills. Welcome, to the Sri Sri Centre for Media Studies, the journalism school with a difference!

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