Computer News Lab

For the year long stay at the school, the Computer News Lab will be the place where the students will be spending most of their time — doing class assignments, research, and working on their weekly newspaper and documentaries.

Two students will have a workstation to themselves with a dedicated Internet line. The students will have the opportunity to learn key software packages in editing, designing and web-publishing.

The lab is open on working days between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

Digital Studio

The SSCMS has a video editing studio with resource persons available to provide one-to-one help to students in shooting, editing and post production techniques. Students will be provided with a digital video camera to go out and shoot events for news and documentary production.


The SSCMS has a comprehensive library that has thousands of books in journalism, history and on a range of subjects by famous authors and scholars. The SSCMS also subscribes to a number of dailies, journals and magazines. Students are required to spend at least two hours in the library each day.

General Facilities

The Metropolitan City of Bangalore with its highly multi-cultural and multi-ethnic population will be the breeding ground for the future journalists being groomed at the SSCMS through its PGD Journalism programme. We will provide students plenty of opportunities to visit the legislature, the city hall and other prominent ‘newsy’ places in Bangalore on a regular basis as part of the students’ daily assignments.

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