Our Alumni are placed in prestigious media houses across the country.
What they have to say about SSCMS:

“It is a concept that is unique and irreplaceable.”
Rachana Ratti, Reporter, Los Angeles Times, USA

“SSCMS has embarked on a daring enterprise aimed at upholding truth and integrity in reportage.”
Anand Balaji, Reporter, Vijaya Times, Bangalore

“The School taught me what journalism is all about and helped me tremendously in my work.”
Dipti Das, Reporter Vijaya Times, Mysore

“In a short period, one gets to learn everything about writing and journalism and media. “
Madhulika Singh, Freelance writer

“It has given me great confidence in my ability to take on any assignment and meet any deadline. “
Prajusha N.R. Mysore Correspondent, Vijaya Times

“The school set an example of discipline and independent thought. “
Pooja Vasisht, Reporter, The Hindustan Times, Chandigarh

“SSCMS prepared us for everything. The best part of this course is that you learn the skills of the profession while studying.”
Avishek Roy, Reporter / Sub Editor, PTI, New Delhi

“The course, which is practical oriented, has been designed to help students handle work pressure with ease. “
Hiranaya Bharadwaj, Reporter, Trav Talk, New Delhi

“The hands on experience that I got at SSCMS built my confidence immensely. When one comes out of SSCMS, one is not a fresher, but a confident professional ready to take on the world.”
Megha Mamgain, Assistant Producer, Agni TV, New Delhi

” Well, I would say it is worth giving a shot at the course in the SSCMS. The institute has one of the best faculty in the field.”
Leella Rani, Sub-Editor, The Indian Express

“A course which gave me both confidence and skill to handle the pressure and tactics of the profession. Rather than course, I will say that it was an experience, which helps you to understand the intricacies of the profession. It gave me a feel of the future.”
Rakesh Kumar Jha, Assistant Producer, Agni TV

“The college curriculum was good. The training that we received gave us a lot of experience in writing, reporting and page-making. The experience of making documentaries was fantastic. All in all it was a really memorable time. “
Resha Desai, Trainee Sub Editor, Asian Age, Mumbai,

“SSCMS is a journalism school with difference. Initially it was not easy for us to cope up with both electronic and print media but at the end it worked well for all of us. This wouldn’t have been possible without supportive and encouraging faculty.”
Shruthi Balakrishna, Reporter, POP Today, Business Magazine

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