Sri Sri Centre for Media Studies’ Fourth Convocation Ceremony held at the International Art of Living Centre, Bangalore.

India is a rising modern power, even by U. S. standards, but you don’t get that impression from the Indian media, Columnist and corporate advisor S. Gurumurthy says.

Delivering the Sri Sri Centre for Media Studies’ fourth convocation address July4 at the International Art of Living Centre here, the new Indian Express columnist said it is time the Indian media projected a true image of the new India.

“The Indian media is projecting a bad image of the country with its biased reports and is blowing out of proportion many of our problems in front of the world,” Gurumurthy said. “Our media is a mirror reflection of the western opinion…it’s not in tune with the country.”

Gurumurthy urged the SSCMS diploma graduates to look into the question of unfair coverage of India by the Indian media in a dispassionate manner and do something about it. Earlier the media used to have a mission, but nowadays it focus more on the business side than on such journalistic principles as objectivity and fairness.

Like other professions, journalism, too, is a very noble one, he said. But today it is the business aspect that dominates the media. The media today has tremendous influence to shape or reshape a person in society.

Quoting the U.S.-based Carnegie Foundation, Gurumurthy noted tat India was a rising power. It is only a matter of time before India topped countries such as Japan, Germany and France in growth and influence.

There is a huge transformation happening in India, but the media seemed to be missing out on it all as it keeps mouthing old clichéd about a long-gone era. For instance reading the Indian media one would tend to believe that India is still a ‘bride-baking’ country.

Since the 90’s globalization, Indian manufacturers have proved that the country is second to none in manufacturing and that it can compete with any nation in the world fair and square in any field. But, Gurumurthy said, Indian media seems to be not convinced. When the Tata group decided to setup a car-manufacturing platform of its own, the Indian media wondered why the Tatas wanted to reinvent the wheel when such technology is available in the West.

“The Indian media built up an atmosphere that only foreign investment can build up India… that only foreigners can build up India” Gurumurthy said.

Senior Art of Living teacher Swami Pragyapada, in his presidential address, congratulated the 16 students who successfully completed the postgraduate diploma program in print/media/new media journalism.

Pragyapada Swamiji reminded the SSCMS students that they have learned something no other school normally teaches how to handle our minds.

“You have learned something very valuable here,” Pragyapada said. “How through all situations to handle your mind. Anyone can handle sheets and paper. (But) keeping your mind calm, cool is more challenging. You have learned it here. In three, four years, you’ll realize the importance of what you have realized.”

Executive Director Shri. Radhakrishnan welcomed the gathering and senior AOL DSN teacher Vinod Menon thanked the audience that included Vyakthi Vikas Kendra chairman Shri. Arun Madhavan, SSRVM trustee Shri. Jezdi Batliwala, SSCMS faculty Dr. Malati Venugopal and Rupashree, several media representatives, and Ashramites.

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