Ask any editor in the country, our newsrooms are starving for good writers, good reporters, good researchers, good editors, good lay-out artists and good page designers. Here at the Sri Sri Centre for Media Studies, we have re-designed our one-year, PGD programme in print/broadcast/new media journalism keeping in mind this media industry need.

Our 2005-’06 PGD journalism programme, scheduled to start late fall, is unique in that it aims to equip students with overall journalistic skills while helping him/her achieve maximum self-growth. At the end of the programme, the students will be able to gather, understand, interpret and present complex information easily while being constantly aware of the imperfect nature of concepts such as facts, truth, and proof.

To make this journey less arduous, we have added a relaxing self-improvement/lifestyle package that will go with the intellectually more challenging journalistic component. This ‘comfort’ package includes daily Yoga, lifestyle lessons, and expert coaching to enhance communication and personality skills. The curriculum is also enhanced to include a separate section on the major world religions and cultures which will be handled by senior Art of Living teachers and religious practitioners and experts from outside.

The SSCMS is a student-centred, value-based learning institution where teachers are only guides. The programme is designed to instill in students a blend of skills and thinking habits that are more easily acquired in an institution of learning than in a newsroom. Clearly, this is where the students have to take full responsibility for all their actions.

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